Trust The Universe

Something I have always lived by is trust your gut and follow your heart. Trust the universe because it will never guide you wrong ...

In saying that I’ve spent the last year completely on my own, in nature and doing some serious soul searching. In doing so I’ve found out that my soul has a new calling: I MUST LISTEN and honour my true self.

I have decided to hang up the headphones.


I had an amazing run, been so blessed at all I accomplished. I danced, I laughed, I played, I met so many awesome people, played so many phenomenal stages alongside some phenomenal talent. I can walk away knowing I surpassed any of my expectations with gratitude.

So with that I’d like to thank everyone who helped me, supported me, and enjoyed music with me. Thank you truly with all my heart. I love all of you dearly.


Much love onward and forward ox 


AKA Yo-Daddy


Just Heather Yo-Daddy



Tony Morello July 02, 2018 @09:07 pm
It was always a pleasure playing with you, good luck where your path takes you
Earl Von Bye June 30, 2018 @01:30 pm
It's been a pleasure and an honour to be your rock. I'm still walking the path beside you.
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