Just Heather



 BIG Room, BIG Sound, BIG Results



Yes it’s all true, Just Heather leaves a big impression, playing Western Canada’s local hot spots and festivals alongside some of the world's elite DJ's. She is in demand and on point to deliver a peak musical experience! Her humble confidence in the booth and finely attuned musical taste sets her apart from the crowd. Her sets deliver energy and inspiration!




 She Loves Beatz, Freakz, Music Geekz, and Fresh Sneaks!




Heather is a true DJ for life, she has certainly left her mark, showing she will be here for a long while. With a high profile residency under her belt with Apollo Productions, and countless individual showings, she is a professional in the booth and now in the studio. Her productions are set to explode onto the scene with tracks and remixes about to release on the Mixed By Monkeys record label. Heather’s ongoing quest is DJ perfection, production excellence, pushing the limits, and learning more about the craft.




Musically, she is known mainly for her driving dark peak-time Progressive and Trance sets, but she will never tell you her style. Her style and her passion is MUSIC period! She’s been known to drop house, progressive, trance, techno and even some electro. Always in the direction that THE CROWD wants to go. Indeed, having learned from old school masters, she understands how to read a crowd and how to make a dance floor flow.




Her philosophy on music and life is openly a sober one. Having overcome her own personal demons she is now an advocate of clean and sober partying, and a champion of helping others who struggle with this serious issue. Her organization, “Saved by a DJ”, is dedicated to this cause and is actively lending help and support to clubbers and partiers in need, even saving lives.




Keep an eye open for Just Heather, a DJ who sets the mood, brings the beat, and saves lives on the dance floor.